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ESEA season was a dissapointment… In the start we did pretty good ”run” , but then we started to ”melt” in the middle of
season and finished pretty bad 9-7 record.

Intermediate was our goal (Nowdays Open has pretty good teams in) but that position in intermediate was missed due poor
playoff match. We have a lot to improve.

  • Positive things?

When we were heading end of season we get our game run pretty good and also we get our map pool from 3-maps to 6-maps!
And we had good games against good teams.

  • Neagative things?

We had pretty bad ”run” in the middle of season and playoffs went horribly wrong.

  • Things you could do better / what was upset?

Uppermost playoffs.. We had pretty bad ”load” on that even though enemy was good, we managed to freeze totally…
Middle season ”run” was also partly due to map bans we didn’t ban dust2 three times and every time we had to play that
map. In that time we didn’t played good on dust2.

  • Goal to next ESEA season?

We try to get good record and end of season our goal is to get in ESEA Main. Playfully our plan is to get our
ban maps to playable maps to us.

  • Are we seeing ISO in FEL Season or in some other league?

Atleast we are going on Fragleague and if some other leagues will pop then we possibly are playing those also.

Written by Otto ”ode” Johansson

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