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So the year 2020 was a rough patch for everyone, more or less.
This year for example drove me to play cs again, and look for opportunities to play tryhard again.

That’s where this team came along.
I had been playing pugs with cucumber for a long time now and when we started playing with kontys, aapo and the others, we instantly took of. (This was around summer 2020)

Playing pugs and different qualifiers and that was fun, but myself I really could not find any motivation playing for fun and competing if it wasn’t serious. This is when we started talking about building a team which we could start practising and playing more serious.

It took a while to really commit to something, so we started having a constant schedule late in the fall time.
Quickly I think something clicked and we were playing quite good level compared to before and with small luck with seedings, we managed to qualify for the Rainmaker Season 2 open finals.
This was a huge mental boost for us, considering we just recently started playing more seriously and we really started playing more and more.

Bad thing was this good form didn’t last too long. We started losing to decent pug mixes and our practises felt awful at times. I just think we were not on the same page at this time (around November was the worst). We played and I think we made some good progress, but something just didn’t fell right.

After series of bad results (not even getting out of ESEA open, etc) we decided to have a few weeks of break from practising and just try and have a better mindset going to official games and qualifiers. In my opinion, this was a great thing to do at that point. We managed to qualify for Fragleague placing second against our favourite opponent Roots (<3) and had some really good runs in different big qualifiers (Top 16 in European Development Championship qualifiers) and some really good games against better teams.

This gives us a nice spot to start playing in 2021. We are all rested and with good mindset I think we have a lot of room to grow and develop as team and as players.

– Written by Otto ”ode” Johansson

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